DIE JUNGEN UNTERNEHMER are the only political representation in Germany for the interests of family entrepreneurs under the age of 40.

Our members:
  • are owners or partners of a company
  • generate an annual turnover of at least 1 million Euro and / or
  • have at least 10 employees and
  • are registered in the commercial register or in the craftsmen's register

Since 1949, we have not put up with anything and made our voices heard loud and clear. We are advocating optimum conditions for entrepreneurial activities in Germany and Europe with sometimes cheeky and unconventional campaigns.

Key figures from politics, business and society are regularly guests at our high-level events. What characterizes our association in particular is the personal commitment of our members. Our members are not merely companies, but rather the entrepreneurs managing these companies. That makes the regular exchange between our members unique.

Our association is comprised of company founders as well as successors of family-run businesses and they can all learn from each other at target-group oriented events, where they can network and profit from each other's experience.


Published Work

Instead of Brexit: #upgrade

Is the European Union an outdated concept or rather a project that is worth fighting for? That is the fundamental question raised by the EU referendum in the United Kingdom. It is a question that is not only awaiting an answer by the British but also being asked by an increasing number of other people in the EU. DIE JUNGEN UNTERNEHMER believe that there was never a better project in the history of Europe than the merger of similar interests in the European Union. However, we also see a need for fundamental changes in the European Union.

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